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Well at some point me and Lucian decided to go the P2P way, which made his client run on node-RED. Node-RED is an online web-based node.js editor and execution platform. It was built and is maintained by the non-profit node.js foundation. The node-RED app uses a REST-like API to control various devices and devices in a way which also represents the device itself as a REST API. With Node-RED, you can: Develop apps using Web-based editors with no programming experience and see results immediately Develop apps using familiar tools like text editors, visual design tools, and IDEs Build robust Web and mobile applications that work offline, using a single code base Node-RED runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and is compatible with most JavaScript frameworks and libraries. For node-RED, Node.js is not required. Node-RED runs on web servers, native applications, and various middleware and message bus platforms. Node-RED is free and open-source software. Source code and binaries are available under the MIT License. 今回の依頼は、Lucianさんに実装していたパートを紹介する形です。 下記リンクは、P2P運用側のコードなども含めて、 Lucianさんのコードだけを含めて書かれています。 というように、Lucianさんは、node-REDを用いており、 今までは、自前でC#アプリケーションを実装していましたが、 Lucianさんは、P2Pの手法を見つけ、 一応本の詳しい書籍を持っています。 欲しい資料を探していましたら、 もしくは、Lucianさんのブロ





Descargar Atmosfear El Guardiangolkes (Latest)

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